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What We Do

We work with a team-based approach to provide the highest level of collaborative support with a strong basis of the fundamental goals of sentencing, including: retribution, deterrence, incapacitation and rehabilitation. Our specialists undertake an individualized mitigation analysis in an effort to illuminate the unique circumstances surrounding your actions to inspire the courts decision with as lenient a sentence as possible. We pride ourselves on our thorough, accurate and reliable work.

Our services / What we offer

LightCore is pleased to offer you an array of exceptional services to foster
the development of a comprehensive, compelling and humanizing mitigation package.

Fundamental Mitigation Plan

Includes information gathering of pertinent records and documents; detailed interviews with key social witnesses; procurement of support letters from key individuals, expert evaluations and production of an in-depth and indispensable mitigation report to be submitted to your legal counsel.

Visual Presentation

The power of concentrating your unique mitigating circumstances through the use of visual aid is a method that is used effectively as a way to garner compassion. The mitigation video is submitted to the judge as a form of enhancing the way in which the mitigating information is received. LightCore will procure from our network of professional film producers and editors, specialized in criminal mitigation video production,  and we will produce a powerful and compelling visual narrative.

Referral Service

LightCore will provide you with our vast international network of experts. We recognize the importance of diagnoses, such as chronic, acute, and complex trauma and resulting PTSD in mitigation work, as well as any other issues. Examples of the experts and professionals in our large network include medical doctors, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, pediatric psychiatry, toxicologists, pharmacologists, drug, alcohol and gambling counselors, etc.

“Are you a specialist working on a particularly complex case and need additional support? LightCore can help!

LightCore provides supervision and support to mitigation specialists”.

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