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LightCore Mitigation

An array of exceptional services to foster the development of a comprehensive, compelling and humanizing mitigation package.


About LightCore

Our goal is singular: to provide the court with a personified appreciation of you through the use of a holistic and compelling narrative. We focus on you as a person and endeavor to balance the criminal act with emphasis on your positive attributes, personal history and remorse.

We value a collaborative approach with your defense team to carry out a streamlined mitigation package consistent with your legal strategy.

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How Does Mitigation Help Your Defense?

Having a mitigation specialist on your team may help to achieve a reduced sentence.

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What our clients are saying

I recently had the opportunity to work with Rivka Tamir. She was a pleasure to work with and made a complex project with many moving parts into a smooth and pleasant process. The end result was excellent.

Dame Justice Susan GlazebrookPresident International Association of Women Judges

Cori, how do you thank someone who literally helped to transform my life from despair and fear to hopeful anticipation. The lessons I have learned from you, make me a better husband, father and community member. The leniency granted affords me a future that embraces me back. I am forever grateful!

Robert M

I am so encouraged by your involvement and everything you do for the “cause” and the way you always handle everything - so professional, efficient and calm”. “None of this would have happened without your amazing work on the pardon application. I am forever indebted and stand by ready, as always, to assist you in any way I can.

Allen Lowy, EsqAttorney

We are beyond elated and blessed with the outcome of our personal experience. No prison time was given, rather probation. Please don’t look elsewhere, Ms. Rashid can provide everything you need to get you the results you are looking for.


Cori, with profound appreciation for your extraordinary kindness and devotion in giving so selflessly of your wisdom, knowledge, and expertise that brings light, hope, and life to people in their darkest hours. We wish to convey our deepest gratitude for the lives your holy work has saved.

With gratitude from all of us in the Mitigation and Alternative Sentencing Divisions of the Aleph Institute

I felt so alone, so ashamed, so frightened; a shell. Then my lawyer introduced me to you. Cori became a mother, a sister, a friend, a mentor, a coach…a lifeline. You brought about a miracle; a lenient sentence. You are more than a mitigation specialist. You are a healer. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Leah F

Working with Reena has been an absolute pleasure and honor. I couldn’t think of a more qualified, thorough, trustworthy individual to mitigate my case. Her mitigation work not only helped to humanize me in my court case, her work impacted me personally. Her ability to put together such an exemplary mitigation package says she will have a continued long road of success ahead.


Huma is a wonderful person. Huma goes over and beyond when she is working for you. She keeps the family informed as well as the defendant. If you don't understand something; she will take the time out and answer all your questions... I Love this lady. We were looking at A LOT of time, but with the help of Huma Rashid our prayers were answered... Thank You Sooo Much........


Waiting for my sentencing, I had 1.5 year old baby at home and I was pregnant. It was very tough, I felt like it’s the end of the world. After a few months in this nightmare Reena called me and told me that she’s going to help me and she’s going to be there for me. I couldn’t imagine how much she would be there but she was. She started helping me to collect letters from family members and friends. She helped me to write the letter to the Judge, she came all the way to my house make me feel so support and that I’m not alone - she gave me hope she made me believe that everything will be okay and it’s so important for a woman in my situation. I can’t imagine going through all this with out her. She’s amazing woman with a very big heart, she really care and she sees me as a person and that’s felt so good. She didn’t judge me and didn’t let me feel like this is just her job !. Reena she’s so amazing woman and I hope for every person that in this kind of situation to get help from her and she will be there for him. I will never forget what she did for me and how she let me feel when I needed the most!


Cori, as you worked to understand me, you taught me about myself. I thought I was the victim. I truly did. I did not, could not see how my actions harmed others. Once I was able to see, I took responsibility, felt remorse and was able to express it authentically. That not only helped me in my sentencing, it helped me as a man.

Anton G

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Huma Rashid, you did a SUPERB 15/10 STARS!! If I ever need to retain an attorney EVER AGAIN, I WILL NOT think twice about who I'm going with!! It will DEFINITELY be her. Very awesome and kept me MORE than well informed about what was going on, and what would be happening.


I’m so grateful to have been able to experience such quality work that not only improved my court case tremendously, her methods and processes to mitigating a case is also a healing process. I’d highly recommend Reena as a mitigation specialist for anyone. Not only is she authentic when she interacts with you, she’s also truthful and realistic about the work needed to progress in one’s case. Working through the case is one thing, but she actually gives you the confidence and realization that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


For nearly ten years, I have witnessed Tanya’s skills as she prepared numerous clients for their parole and SORA hearings. In every case, Tanya was able to connect with our clients, helping them to identify and grapple with the traumas they had suffered and to understand how unhealthy responses to that trauma had resulted in their coming into conflict with the law, causing harm to others, and causing harm to themselves. Tanya was able to prompt our clients into a level of introspection and self-reflection that allowed them to take genuine responsibility for the enormous harm they had caused. She provided them with tools and practices that enabled them to show sincere remorse and to present their full humanity to deeply intimidating and skeptical parole boards and judges.

Jeremy Benjamin, Esq.Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, LLP

Rivka is a pleasure to work with. Professional and efficient but always with compassion. No matter what obstacles present themselves, Rivka will be a voice of calm keeping things moving and ensuring that the very best product is always prepared no matter what.

Chavi Russ

I have worked with Eli in connection with my white-collar defense practice. It has been a very positive experience. He is personable, intelligent, professional and respectful. He is easy to work with and was very helpful to my work. Eli was responsive and very much a team player. I would use his expertise again if the right opportunity presented itself and would not hesitate to recommend him to other attorneys looking for mitigation assistance.

Alan VinegradAttorney